Best Wrinkle Cream - The Latest Wonder Workers VS Calotren reviews

You see them everywhere. They are in department stores, they are drugstores, they are in chain stores, they are in grocery stores, and they are sold online. They are, in short, in all places where people concerned with their aging skin are likely to shop. And they all promise that if you use them, you'll be rewarded with tighter, firmer skin, fewer wrinkles, and a reversal of the skin damage caused by exposure to the sun or to the stresses of everyday life.

They've been around since the days of cold cream, and they are constantly evolving. The highest rated anti wrinkle cream you can buy today contain ingredients which were unheard of just five years ago. anti aging creams are a multi-billion-dollar business, and a great deal of scientific research has gone into creating faster-acting creams which provide longer-lasting results. What are some of the best creams currently available?

Two in particular are gaining a great deal of notice: the Dermajuv Complete Rejuvenation System (which actually includes three separate anti-aging products) and the Strivectin line of skin care products, which originally began as a single stretch mark removal cream but now includes several different anti-aging serums and creams.

Both the Dermajuv and Strivectin products lines contain one of the most advanced anti-aging compounds yet developed: Pal-KTTS (palmitoyl pentapeptide). Marketed as Matrixyl, and introduced at the 20th Paris World Congress of Dermatology, Pal-KTTKS was tested for six months on a group of 35 women between the ages of 34 and 72, and by the end of the test, was shown to reduce wrinkle density, by 68%; wrinkle depth by 50%; and wrinkle volume, by 24%. Also, Athena 7 minute lift cream has been proven to reverse 83% of wrinkles in 100% of women tested.

The women in the study who were given Matrixyl to use on their skin also reported that they experienced lasting hydration, smoother texture, and more suppleness. Based on these reports, the researchers said that Matrixyl provided "long-term anti-wrinkle activity." The improvements Matrixyl caused became more dramatic the longer it was used, and the secret to that increasing improvement is due to the fact that Matrixyl actually repairs skin cells at their DNA level. It enables the cells to create more collagen and fibronectin, the skin-supporting fibres which decline as we age.

Another exciting development in anti aging skin care products is Acetyl Hexapeptide-3. Present several top wrinkle creams, including StriVectin, Athena 7 Minute Lift, and LifeCell, AH3 is a non-toxic alternative to Botox. AH34 works by limiting the body's release of the chemicals which control the strength of your face is muscular contractions. Less intense muscular contractions mean fewer wrinkles. A 10% concentration of AH3 has been clinically shown to reduce wrinkle depth by as much as 30% after 30 days!

Dermajuv Complete Rejuvenation System and Rejuvenate both contain SesaFlash, a sesame oil derivative capable of noticeably tightening in lifting the skin within minutes of application, and of providing it with long-lasting hydration. StriVectin and Rejuvenate contain Palmitoyl Hydrolysed Wheat Protein, which has been shown to increase skin moisturization by 20%. Wheat protein protects the skin from the drying effects of soap by forming a colloidal film, and more importantly, stimulates cellular protein synthesis and strengthens collagen fibre cross-linking.

We've mentioned just a small number of the remarkable new anti-aging compounds which are now available to you in many of the best anti aging creams. With a little more research, you'll be able to find reviews on many more, some of which you'll find in both Dermajuv Complete Rejuvenation System and StriVectin. So why not do some investigating, and base your next purchase of an anti aging cream on just how many of these new "wonder workers" it contains?