Full schedule

This is what the schedule for popfest is going to look like this year. Things might change, so do please keep checking the website for updates:

Friday 1 March at the Grosvenor

Young Romance 8:15
Burning Hearts 9:00
English Singles 9:45
Milky Wimpshake 10:30

(How Does It Feel to Be Loved? at the Canterbury Arms in Brixton for post-gig dancing!)

Saturday 2 March at 100 Club

Big Wave 4:00
The Tuts 4:50
The Garlands 5:40
Martha 6:30
September Girls 7:20
This Many Boyfriends 8:10
Speedmarket Avenue 9:00
Standard Fare 10:00

(dancing until very late!)

Sunday 3 March at the Lexington (please note early start!)

Hong Kong in the 60s 3:45
Flowers 4:30
Cocoanut Groove 5:15
The Orchids 6:15

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2 Responses to Full schedule

  1. Dan S says:

    you haven’t put the quiz on…

  2. carsmilesteve says:

    Yeah, that’s what I was thinking as well!!!

    2pm start I think, depending how “excited” me and hibbett get at the Saturday night disco ;)

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