Remember remember the end of February

March 12, 2010

Some nice London Popfest-related stuff has appeared on the internet, as is often the case in this day and age:

Dorotea closing their set with ‘Boring, Baby, Boring’

Daniel So Tough! So Cute! djing and the Swedes going mad with Broder Daniel’s ‘Underground’

London Popfest interview with Aplasta tus Gafas de Pasta in Spanish (also, rubbish English Google translation)

Indietracks is taking a beautiful, beautiful shape too:

Thank you!

March 1, 2010

We had the most incredible time. Thank you to all the bands and djs who made it easy and beautiful and to everyone who travelled from all over and from down the road to be there.


Please post any photos you have on the London Popfest Flickr group.

And thanks again. See you all next year.


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