Friday afternoon films

Like last year, we are having a get-together on Popfest Friday afternoon to have a few drinks, some food and watch indiepop films. This year we are very happy and proud to be showing Paul Kelly’s Dolly Mixture documentary from 2008 Take Three Girls: The Dolly Mixture Story, and Heather Dominic’s legendary The Shield Around the K which is about K Records.  We are incredibly grateful to directors Paul Kelly and Heather Dominic for letting us show their films for free at the popfest. You rule, thank you.

Friday 26 February 2pm – 6pm
Roxy Bar & Screen (map)
128-132 Borough High Street
London SE1 1LB

This event is open to everyone and it’s free entry. Please come along!

Take Three Girls: The Dolly Mixture Story (dir. Paul Kelly, 2008)

Paul Kelly will introduce the screening!

A girl group playing beautifully written pop at the end of the seventies, Dolly Mixture were almost ignored when the Slits’ more angular approach was in vogue, yet became an inspiration to the Riot Grrl scene of the nineties.

Read a piece that Paulie from the Fat Tulips wrote about it

The Shield Around the K (dir. Heather Dominic, 2000)

Produced and directed by Heather Rose Dominic, The Shield Around the K profiles the birth and growth of the punk rock DIY record label, K Records, based in Olympia, Washington. Co-Founders Calvin Johnson and Candice Pedersen are interviewed along with over 20 K artists and peers including Mecca Normal, Lois, Rose Melberg, Ian Mackaye, Slim Moon, Dean Wareham and more. The Shield Around the K features performances by Calvin Johnson’s legendary Beat Happening, possibly the least pretentious band in the history of rock. A band that has influenced countless musicians all over the world simply by being themselves. Powered by Super 8 music videos directed by Patrick Maley and Lois and including rare International Pop Underground Festival footage featuring Fugazi, Beat Happening, Mecca Normal and others, The Shield Around the K is an inspiring portrayal of an independent record label whose lo-fi credibility has never been compromised.

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