London Popfest first night: whoo!

February 27, 2009

A massive big Thank You to everyone who made it to the first night of the first London Popfest! It was wonderful seeing a big queue early on – Jamm was comfortably full even before Let’s Whisper were due on, which was brilliant. And a big thank you to the bands for giving it their all.

There was so much to be happy about: Let’s Whisper had travelled all the way from that America to open for us and they did a wonderful new songs which borrowed bits from ‘Willow’ by the Field Mice and totally killed me. Pocketbooks were celebrating the arrival of their first album. They held it in their hands for the first time that very evening. It looks beautiful! Everyone go and buy it (it sold like hot cakes on the merch stall, John reports). The School were completely lovely, all excited about being around for the whole Popfest and happy to have just been announced as one of the bands for Indietracks. Simon Love was drumming for them for the first time and he was ace. Couldn’t believe it! Then, after a beer accident that nearly blew the place off (well, the music stopped for a while), Pelle Carlberg took the stage only to drive the popkids completely crazy: there were singalongs, dancing with abandon, laughter – it was lovely. His companion is really something to behold as well: he was playing the bass and drumming with his feet, while doing backing vocals, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. They were really great. Ian HDIF played a fantastic indiepop set, even after one of the decks died and we had a little dance at the end and yay, we’re ready for tonight. Tonight!

Here are some photos from last night that John Jervis took. There’s now a London Popfest group on flickr for you to add any photos!

Saturday all-dayer poster

February 24, 2009

Comet Gain’s David Feck made this one specially!

Tickets for the Saturday all-dayer can be bought for £10 here.

Popfest Saturday poster

Popfest printable guide

February 24, 2009

We have prepared a printable guide to the Popfest with the stage times for each day as well as things to do around the venues. Hope you find it useful:

London Popfest 2009 guide (pdf)

Don’t forget about film screenings on Friday afternoon and the mix cd swap on Saturday. If there’s anything else you need to know, ask away!

One week to go until the first night of the first popfest!

February 19, 2009

It’s nearly here! Four brilliant bands to see us through a wintery Thursday night and warm things up for a long weekend of ace indiepop. Tickets are available here and they’re only £6 if you buy in advance. Tralala!

Thursday popfest poster

Poster by Camila WeePOP!

Mix cd swap

February 13, 2009

What’s in that box? There will be a cd mix swap on Popfest Saturday and everyone is invited – nay, strongly encouraged – to participate. The way it works is simple: you make a mix cd (do your best, go on!), drop it in the swap box at the Macbeth (it’ll be somewhere obvious, like the record stall or even the entrance), get a ticket in return and then come back towards the end of the night, when the box is good and full from everyone’s contributions, to pick up another cd at random. Yay! We have asked the bands to participate as well, so you never know what you might end up with.

Quick ticket update: there are now only a handful of popfest passes left so please be very, very quick! You can also buy individual tickets for Thursday 26 Feb and Saturday 28 Feb now. Details here.

Popfest poster!

February 12, 2009

London Popfest 2009 poster by Rob Mackinder

designed by Rob Mackinder (robmackinder at gmail dot com)

Film screenings

February 12, 2009

One of the loveliest things about popfests is that you can do all sorts of great things on what would normally be a boring Friday afternoon. We have arranged a screening of two popfest-related films for pass holders. Don’t miss it!

Friday 27 February – 2 until 6pm

1234 and Slamptumentary
Roxy Bar & Screen
128-132 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LB (map)

1234, Dir. Giles Borg, London, Carson Films, 2008

Bespectacled cardigan-wearer Stevie (guitar, vocals) endures a job he despises and can’t get a girlfriend, but at least he has music. With his mate Neil (drums), he’s been kicking about in bands for a while, but it is not until the pair team up with Billy Dixon (guitar), a more experienced hand with drive and ambition, and Billy’s cute pal Emily (bass) that the possibility they might be on to something good suggests itself. With a demo to tout, Stevie beats a well-trodden path to record company doors, but finds he has to manage the tensions developing within the band while keeping his own aspirations in check.

There have been plenty of films about bands in the past, yet Giles Borg’s knowing, warm and witty film feels original and honest, the product of time spent in dives watching bands before anyone else has heard of them. A spirited, independent film about the spirit of independence, 1 2 3 4 revels in referencing The Yummy Fur, Prolapse and Comet Gain, as much as more obvious touchstones The Stooges, The Velvet Underground and the Pixies (the soundtrack is a killer, natch). Watch it here, so that in six months time when everyone’s raving about it, you can claim, “I saw it first”.

Slamptumentary, Dir. Nick Allot, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Slampt, 1995

AKA 1995: the year punk rock got fixed. Only 50 VHS copies ever existed, but now there’s an updated Slamptumentary including extra footage, a priceless document of the Slampt Underground Organisation, home of Kenickie and The Yummy Fur and one of the greatest DIY labels the world ever saw.


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