Tickets and Zipper!

January 30, 2009

Hello popkids. Just to let you know, there are very few £20 passes left now. Namely, only eight. Get in there quick!

Now, Zipper: here is a band that we’re all dying to see at the popfest. If you missed them when they played here last year, then all I can say is don’t miss them because they are one of those pop treasures that you’ll just embrace with all your heart and want to tell everyone about. The brilliantness of it all is that they’ll be playing on the same bill as their all-time hero, Amelia Fletcher. I can’t quite describe what the combination of Zipper and Tender Trap will be like. You’ll just have to be there. Here’s them, in all their cuteness. Eeeee. Yes. Eeeee! <3 <3

Yes, please!

January 21, 2009

There are certain things in life I unashamedly take for granted: the internet, Waterloo Bridge and the relative straightforwardness of putting on an indiepop show. And although you’ll never catch me feeling tearful when reading a lovely email or gasping at the beauty of the sun setting behind London’s skyline (never!), you might occassionally witness me banging on about how much I love our indiepop underground for its lack of arrogance and pretentiousness. It’s so rare to find anyone ever complaining about the order of the line-up or fighting about who’s going to headline (although I’ve seen bands fighting over who wasn’t going to headline) and there is no chance you’ll ever see a situation where a band won’t happily share their equipment. That’s why I never feel like I can take any credit for being a promoter: if you’ve ever felt elated and full of smiles watching a good popshow, it’s all down to the bands for making it easy and for writing all the pretty songs. And when you see an ace line-up, like our popfest one, always remember that people responded to our begging emails saying “Yes, please!” instead of “Well, how much?”.

What’s a popfest?

January 18, 2009

There are thousands of festivals around the world and, y’know, fine, I’m not going to kick up a fuss about it – but indiepop fans around the world have been trying for years now to make their favourite music count in ways that the Glastonburies of the world will never know: a bunch of people getting together out of sheer enthusiasm to create an event that will make their friends go “yaaaay!” and travel miles and miles to be there and be part of something special, something as removed from the commercialism of mainstream festivals as anything could ever be. Jump around, make new friends, marvel at the spirit of indiepop shining bright forever.

Popfests came out of the Indiepop mailing list and you can find a short history of them here. They started as humble meet-ups for people on that list and grew to be much-anticipated events that popfans from all over put a lot of effort in. Things have changed, of course, and Popfests are no longer closely related to the Indiepop list but it’s still an important inspiration. For us the inspiration was a trip to the New York popfest in 2008, when after four days of unbelievable fun and warmth (in every sense) and joy, after a lot of drinks and on our way to a veggie dinner, we said it was time for London to raise its hand and say “Yay pop!”. A London Popfest almost happened in 2004 but since then there have been no talks about anything similar. We are lucky here because we’ve got the miracle that is Indietracks to keep us smiling, but a popfest is quite a different proposition – hence the unusual winter timing.

So here we are with our little London popfest at last: four days of running around this brilliant city celebrating these amazing times for indiepop with our friends. Roll on February! We can’t wait to meet you all.


January 17, 2009

Hello popkids! The first London Popfest is finally happening and it’s less than five weeks away. Yay! Please look on the left there for some important information you need to know and make sure you subscribe or keep checking this site for updates and all the latest news.


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